Emojify v1: All tests passed, but not working

My Emojify v1 has passes all tests, but it does not appear to be working. For example, “i cherish you” gives a smiley face, not a heart. Any ideas?

Thanks much!

Why do you think its not working?

Thanks for the response. I was thinking that “I cherish you” should give a heart. My code gives a smile. From the notebook:

“Because cherish has a similar embedding as love, the algorithm has generalized correctly even to a word it has never seen before.”

Also, my code gives “not feeling happy” a frown, but the notebook says:

“This algorithm ignores word ordering, so is not good at understanding phrases like not happy.”

Are my results correct? I assume that I’m dealing with a tricky bug.

I think that as long as you have passed the tests the algorithm is working properly.

The NLP model will give out propabilities as every other ML model and how it decides what to output is based on what it has seen (learned). Its probable that it has associated “cherish” with :smiley: based on the corpus it has trained. They may have a similar embeddings but the structure of sentence/corpus it has trained on has a contribution as well, its not purely based on the embedding of individual words.

And also models make mistakes, they need tuning, further learning, more data…etc.

I think there was an issue submitted for this topic. I’ll check on it.

Yes, there was an issue (implemented and closed in March 2022), which referred to a discussion in this thread:

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