(C5W3A1) Error in Optional/Ungraded Part of Neural Machine Translation Assignment

Dear Learners,

While working on Ungraded/Optional part (3.1) of DLS Course 5, Week 3, first assignment Neural Machine Translation you might have come across an error when running this code cell even though you passed all prior test cases in the assignment:

If you did come across the error, to help us improve our content and learner experience kindly share your implementation of Exercise 2 -modelf in the thread below.

Please understand, as we are asking you to share your solution, we will delete your post after taking note.

Happy Learning!
~ Mubsi

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Thank you, @Sacha_B, for sharing this!
Since your solution was of a graded function, after noting I have removed it.

I have the same problem, here is the pic of solution

Could you please check how to submit it.

one more, to make sure

can’t save it

{code removed by mentor}

Hi @Alina_Tanbayeva,

It is against the guideline to post assignment work here, so I have removed it for you. Please open a new thread with the full error traceback.

I am closing this thread.