C5W3A1 Exercise 2 - modelf: input=?

I am stuck at Exercise 2:

_, s, c = post_activation_LSTM_cell(inputs=???, initial_state=[s, c])

what is the inputs parameter?
Same here:

out = ???

should i use out = output_layer(inputs=s)?

please help, thanks!

The hint is given to you:

# Step 2.B: Apply the post-attention LSTM cell to the "context" vector.

The hint is given here too:

# Step 2.C: Apply Dense layer to the hidden state output of the post-attention LSTM

See this:

# Remember: s = hidden state, c = cell state

So it’s:

# moderator edit: code removed


# moderator edit: code removed

but that doesn’t work.

You say it doesn’t work.

Please post a screen capture image that shows why you say it doesn’t work (error messages or asserts).

After restart of kernel and re-running the cells it now works! Thanks for the fast response and your help!