Week3, assign_1, modelf


Could anyone please clarify what is passed in the inputs argument of



I am unable to execute modelf function in exercise 2. I have been trying it for quiet some time not. Kindly assist in resolving the same.

Ignore this… I found the issue!

What was the issue, I am having the same problem.

I’m not sure what the issue @Aroonima was experiencing, but I will try to answer the questions…

post_activation_LSTM_cell is the instantiation of LSTM from TF as indicated by the import statement. Refer to the TF documentation for any specific information about LSTM().

from tensorflow.keras.layers import Bidirectional, Concatenate, Permute, Dot, Input, LSTM, Multiply

Make sure that you are running all the previous cells. If you have not touched the assignment in some time, you can try to restart the kernel under ‘Kernel’ and then Run all above under ‘Run’.

Do not modify the post_activation_LSTM_cell block as stated in the assignment. It is a global variable that was provided to you that doesn’t require any modification.

The issue was with the python kernel. Restart the notebook’s kernel and it will work fine.