Course 5 W3 Programming Assignment 1 about post_activation_LSTM_cell func

State of the post_activation_LSTM_cell is too tricky.

I forgot to set initial_state to post_activation_LSTM_cell so I fix initial_state then run again, but test failed though it’s not wrong (because I passed test later as the same code).

When I initialize it (re-run post_activation_LSTM_cell = LSTM(n_s, return_state = True) in above cell), this problem is fixed.

I found Troubleshooting Note below the unit test cell after trying to fix the problem.
It should be above the test cell…

Thanks for your recommendation.

I ran into the same problem too, and luckily I stumbled upon this thread.
I agree the Troubleshoot note should be above the code cell. It took me over an hour to figure this out.