C5W4 assignment exercise 8: need help!

Hi all, I’m nearly done… faced some issues with the last graded cell… I notice that the call function of the Transformer class takes in a tar parameter… from the unit test, that is the target vocab size but I can’t figure out where in the code I should use it… I’m getting the assert:

assert np.allclose(translation[0, 0, 0:8],
48 [[0.02664799, 0.02222014, 0.01641812, 0.02407483,
—> 49 0.04251551, 0.02240461, 0.01556584, 0.03741234]]), “Wrong values in outd”

I think this could have something to do with my not using the ‘tar’ parameter passed in, but I don’t know wgere I should use it… can someone please help me?

In Transformer, inp (input sentence) is Encoder input, tar (target sentence) is Decoder input, shown as above pic.


thank you very much for your enlightenment… I solved it. merci beaucoup :smiley: