Can anyone see my course final grade?

Hi, I’ve graduated course 1 in DL. The certificate doesn’t show my grade. Can anyone else except me see my final grade nevertheless, though it’s not indicated on the certificate?

Hi @Doron_Modan ,

The certificate does not specify what grade you got. However, in order to get a certificate, you have to achieve the required mark for all the graded assignments, these include the graded quizzes and labs. The course information page has all the details about what is required to pass.

Thanks. Sure I’ve already passed everything and got a certificate. I was asking myself whether I want to improve a grade on a quiz from 90% to 100%, thus improve my final grade (now that I’m on course 2). Now I understand that while it might be meaningful to me, the final grade carries no significance to a future employer, for example, because they don’t have access to my final grade, right?

Hi @Doron_Modan ,

Your work and your account are private to you, no one else can have access to it apart from the staff of Coursera.
Having successfully completed this course, you are now moving to the next one of this specialization - a learning attitude that any potential employers would value. As you gain more knowledge and skills, you can try build your own model to showcase your work and list on your CV.

Thank you. I highly doubt if I can build my own model, as early as the middle of course 2. Hopefully this will become possible later.

Hi @Doron_Modan ,

When Prof. Ng was asked about what to do after completing a specialization, he often suggests getting your hand dirty and work on a project of some sort. It could be anything that you come across in your daily life. Practice makes perfect, and along that journey, your understanding in ML/AI will improve. Taking a course is the first step. In the field of technologies, learning never ends.

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