Can I improve my overall grade after I have received the certificate?

Hello, I have just completed the first course of the specialization. However, while I got 100% on all the programming assignments, in some of the quizzes I got only 80 or 90% so I passed, but I didn’t bother to retake them to get 100%. So now I received the certificate but “only” have an overall grade of 97.5%. So my question is, can I take the quizzes again, and have a new certificate issued when I’m done (i.e. received 100% on the quizzes also)? Thank you.

Hey @Thomas_Reinecke,
Welcome to the community. Yes, you can re-take the quizzes. Your certificate will be updated in accordance to your new scores of quizzes. The same holds true for your programming assignments as well. I hope this helps.


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Wonderful. Thank you very much.