I reset the course deadlines and lost my grades

Hi! I took the “Neural Networks and Deep Learning” course last year and finished it. Wanting to review some classes, I reset the course deadlines and lost my grades and quiz answers. How can I reverse it so that I can enter the quizzes and assignments to see my answers and grades? Thanks!

Sorry, but they issued completely revised versions of all 5 of these courses in April of 2021. If you move from Pre-April to the new version, your previous work is not carried over. Your only hope is if you had saved copies of your assignments. Note that those assignments won’t work with the graders in the new courses in any case.

You can try contacting the Coursera Help Center to see if they can move you back, but my guess is that the old versions just don’t exist any more. Sorry!

Hi! Thanks for the quick reply. I contacted Coursera Student Support and they were able to return the previous version of the course, my assignments, and grades. Since I had already completed the course, that is fine by me. Thank you very much, greetings!

Hi, Paula.

That is really great news that Coursera was able to restore you to the previous version of the course! I did not know that was still possible, so it is very helpful to know the answer. Thank you for letting us know what happened.

Just for future reference, it’s always a good idea to save local copies of your notebooks as backup. You can do “File → Download (as notebook)” from the running notebook. Or you can click “File → Open” to get to the directory explorer view, which also provides a “Download” button.

Best regards,

Thanks for the tip Paul! I will do it for future courses.