Can I make my notes public?

Hey, I have just started Machine Learning Specialization Course, and I am writing notes in soft copy (markdown). I am thinking to post all my notes in my Github ( ofcourse I will add the course reference) to share my learnings with everyone. Can I do it, or just keep the notes in my system only ?

@Param302, there is something about that written in the coursera code of conduct

I didn’t found what you’re trying to say, can u highlight the specific para ?

Oh you are right, so i guess it was not the code of conduct. Read the document just today, not sure which one it was

Maybe it was the FAQ section here

Thanks, got it, I can share for Educational purposes by adding as the source

Has anybody made an anki deck to study the material?


no, only notes (readme files)

Here’s the link of the github repository in which I am having all my notes of ML Specialization course.

ML Speicalization course