Can I share my notes with the public?


I am putting the notes I’m making in Notion pages, and I plan to share them with the public. They are based on the course videos and work basically as a companion to the course, as well as a translation, since the notes are in Portuguese. Within them, I put some pictures from the slides.

My question is: is it ok with the course staff that I share those notes? Is it considered a problem copyright-wise, for instance?

Here is a screenshot of how they are:

Kindly note that my pages don’t cover the assignments; no answers are being given to the public.

Thank you in advance.

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Hey @Jancer_Gomes,
Welcome to the community. A very nice initiative indeed, and I applaud you for the same. Now, sharing your personal notes publicly, assuming that they don’t contain any answers to quizzes and assignments is perfectly fine.

And as far as inclusion of slides in your notes are concerned, you can just follow the instructions mentioned in the Copyright Notice in the first slide of the notes of every week. I am stating those here as well for your convenience.

These slides are distributed under the Creative Commons License.

DeepLearning.AI makes these slides available for educational purposes. You may not use or distribute these slides for commercial purposes. You may make copies of these slides and use or distribute them for educational purposes as long as you cite DeepLearning.AI as the source of the slides.

For the rest of the details of the license, see CC BY-SA 2.0 Legal Code | Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic | Creative Commons

I hope this helps.


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Thank you for responding. Lovely that I can share my notes <3
Here’s the link to them.

Would you mind helping with the little text for copyright notice? I already put a line in the description which states that I claim no rights over the images.

Thanks a lot!

Hey @Jancer_Gomes,
You can put something like “Some of the images used in these notes are borrowed from the lecture notes of the Machine Learning Specialization offered jointly by DeepLearning.AI and Stanford University on Coursera”, and in the caption of every such image, you can put something like “Original Source: DeepLearning.AI”. I hope this helps.


Ok, I understand tha the slides are under the Creative Commons License… What about the video lessons? Can you tell me, please?