Can we restore peace in the conflicting regions by using AI based diplomacy

Unrest is most serious issue in the conflicting regions. Spreading of lies, rumors and fake news is jeopardizing the peace, political and economic instability. Is it possible to use AI base diplomacy for resolution of long outstanding conflicts.

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My take: this is a quite philosophical question. Personally, I believe that AI is already and will be even more a very useful tool to solve problems and improve efficiency, e.g. by pre-formulating quality texts, that need to be checked and corrected also with respect to fundamentals but also to fine nuances.

So beneficial on the tactical side: yeah, I think so, e.g. in real time classification tasks to enhance efficiency. But when it comes solving some of the toughest problems where besides strategy also trust-based relationships, empathy, cultural understanding etc. is needed: here I am quite sceptical on whether or how AI could be a game changer considering the current state of the art.

Any particular use cases of scenarios you had in mind here?

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If a scientific innovation could not resolve the real world problem then how could we call it an innovation.

Well, I am not sure, if I can help here, but let me try:

  • without any doubt can AI be considered as an innovative tool / technology , that solves certain real world problems, e.g. think of predictive maintenance use cases, image classification, automated driving, smart sensing, LLMs e.g. to translate plain English to code etc.

  • the question is (and this is independent of AI but rather general): is a certain tool the right one to solve a certain problem?

    • I often find that people who know how to use a certain tool like a hammer (or input your tool of choice) tend to see every problem as a nail (or input the problem your tool solves)

    • and here I gave you my personal take on the field of „ enhancement in diplomacy“, see the answer above.

Hope that helps, @mfarooq28.

Feel free to get technically more specifically here, if you like:

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