Machine Learning application in the real world

Hello, as a new ML learner, I would love to know some of the problems we are trying to solve with AI/machine learning. What are those problems? I would love to discuss it with someone currently in the field or having any experience with ML.
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Hi @khoa_pham2

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It’s truly amazing how machine learning can be applied in so many fields. Take healthcare, for instance, where machine learning algorithms are being used to predict disease outcomes and tailor treatment plans to individual patients. Or finance, where AI is revolutionizing credit scoring and algorithmic trading. And let’s not forget about transportation - AI is at the heart of self-driving car technology. Even our entertainment is being shaped by machine learning, with recommendation systems in streaming platforms. And in agriculture, AI is assisting farmers in predicting crop yields and identifying plant diseases.

These examples are just scratch the surface of the potential of machine learning.

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Hello, thanks for your response.
I’m curious whether applications like ChatGPT are considered an AI or machine learning model. To me, it’s just a potent text recognition tool and is nowhere on par with what we define as intelligent. But I’m curious about what you think.