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This is really a good intro to AI general concepts and strategies, AI application cuts across diverse spheres of human endeavor. What’s your take on this?


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I agree with you. As you can see from the latest AI developments (GPT-3, Whisper, Stable-Diffusion), the pace at which they are being released is accelerating and the disciplines they are working in are broader than ever before. I really think this is something we will keep seeing for a long time, and there is a really interesting job market for that


You are truly on point, this is a robust emerging digital trend we have to keep exploring and coming up with amazing solutions

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If you’re looking for more information about How humans and AI might evolve together in the next decade I suggest you read this research : Link

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Well since its an open question, there are many possible answers. In my personal opinion Machine Learning has evolved to be one of the most essential part of each field, be it medical, in sports, in natural sciences. Everywhere we see, we can easily find technologies and products using ML. Most of the applications we use like social media websites use ML for recommending your feed. We use ML in biomedical field in predicting and making new gene sequences, medicines, predicting diseases etc. Moreover nowdays we can see smart prosthetics and voice assisstant devices which again are a marvellous outcome of computer vision, NLP , etc. Self driving cars again are result of ML. Moreover specially to quote this, Machine Learning is also helping in advancing research in advanced mathematics and computer science. Recently Google’s DeepMind published a paper on how the reinforced deep learning model built by their research team was able to find a much faster way of matrix multiplication than any other known algorithm so far. Link to the paper website : AlphaTensor. So you see not only is ML making our work easier and efficient, its also finding ways to improve upon itself. The Perfect Package ! :sunglasses:

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@franclick Thanks for bringing this up. I like the links that @Amit_Shukla and @Pooriya_Jamie provided here. Very interesting reading stuff.