Cannot create new terminal on W2A1 only


When I complete a course I download the complete exercise package by:

  • Opening a terminal on the jupyter UI
  • Zipping the complete WxAy folder and uploading it to a private github repo.

It happens that W2A1 and only this assignment doesn’t allow for terminals to be opened. Any other will work, but not this one.

Is it possible for someone to look at this issue? I expect it to not be a major concern for most students.

Cheers and thank you in advance.

I cannot create the zip file from the terminal for W2A1, W3A2, W4A2. I would appreciate if someone can help. Thank you very much.

If you get a blank terminal that just has a hash-mark prompt:

The work-around for this issue is to use the “cd /tf” command, then you’ll be in the correct assignment folder.


From there you can “cd” to the assignment folder, that’s where the notebook files are.