Create zip file from terminal

I cannot create zip files for W2A1, W3A2, and W4A2 from terminal. I can create zip files for other assignments. Kindly help. Thank you

This might be helpful:

Tom has given you the link explaining how to use tar, but it’s also worth saying that we cannot control what software is installed in the Docker images, so each assignment may be different. It “is what it is”. All the ones I’ve checked so far include the linux tar command, but I haven’t found any that actually include the just plain zip command. Tar can create “tgz” files, which are tar files compressed with zip, but you can’t create files that can be directly unpacked with zip as far as I know.

Update: but it turns out that the Docker images here do include the linux gzip command. It is a single file compression utility that uses Lempel-Ziv encoding for compression. It is not compatible with zip and it also does not combine archiving and compression: it just does compression. In fact the -z option on tar does the same type of compression and creates a gzipped file of the tar archive image.