Problems saving all the notebooks at the same time

I’m trying to save the notebook C5W4A2_UGL by following the steps provided in the Help Article. When I try to inputtar -czf /tf/workspace.tar.gz /tf/W4A2_UGL, it does work,
and outputs a zipped archive of my workspace:

However, the size of the archive is too small and what in the archive shows is like this:
Apparently my zipped archive creating fails.
Kindly help.
Thank you.

Some files are actually “symbolic link” to the ones in the other directory. For example,

lrwxrwxrwx 1 nobody nogroup 33 May 27 07:20 tf_model.h5 → /tf-ro/W4A2_UGL/model/tf_model.h5

To archive files you may want to add “h” option like

tar czfh workspace.tar.gz W4A2_UGL

By the way, if you find “Lab Files” tab at the top of your Jupyter notebook, then, this may be easier.

Thank you! This really helps.