Cannot restore notebook file for w3 assignment

I tried to restore to default ipynb file for assignment of week 3 course, and deleted the file I already modified. But I failed to restore. Can you help me?
Thank you

Hi @Dennis_Sinitsky

I think you can do this from: File → Revert to Checkpoint

Hi Alireza
I have deleted the ipynb file, so there is nothing to File ->; I am not sure what you mean.

I think this link might be helpful: Click Here

Here’s the relevant article linked from the DLS FAQ. The “tl;dr” is:

  1. Click the little Question Mark in the far upper right corner.
  2. Then click “Get Latest Version”.
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@Dennis_Sinitsky if you deletee the file you worked, you cannot get back for this specialisation. If you haven’t deleted then the codes you wrote won’t go as far as I remember.

Thank you.