Cannot save assignment

When I try to save my assignment I am getting a permission denied message. I lost about an hours worth of work.

Hi @Daniel_Masterson,

I am sorry to hear that… I think Cousera is working hard on this situation, and for the time being, if you just want to keep the momentum and try the assignment again, here is a workaround that many learners found helpful to get a copy of the assignment files with all necessary permission. My suggestion would be to try the workaround, get a new copy, type something in the assignment notebook, save it, close it, reopen it, and see if it has saved your changes.


Try the work around and I can save assignments but I cannot submit. There is no submit assignment button.

Hello @Daniel_Masterson!

Kindly read this post which discuss the no submit button issue.


sorry that did not work, If I am in the release folder I am still having permission issues. I can not rename any of the other folders either (ie W1A1) because of permissions. So I am stuck and have been all weekend.

Then kindly refer to this post . You will need to submit your info as mentioned there.