Help! Unable to save the assignment Python_Basics_with_Numpy.ipynb

I am getting “Autosave Failed” and “Permission Denied” error on saving the assignment. Please help me fix this. Thank you!

Hi @ai_enthusiast21,

We are waiting for a fix for that, but if you don’t mind to try out a workaround, please follow the steps in this post and let us know here or there whether it works for you or not.


Hi @rmwkwok , I tried this but didn’t work for me. I am still facing the same issue.

Then I am afraid you will need to wait for updates from Cousera. If you had kept the old assignment browser window opened as I have suggested in the steps, before you close it, please copy and paste just your solutions to a text editor on your computer, and save them, so that you can copy them back later. I will tag your ID under that post just for the record.

Thank you! I shall do that

Hi @ai_enthusiast21,

Can you try the steps once again? I have updated it.

@ai_enthusiast21 please let me know how it goes.


Same issue with the module Improving deep neural network. It is a general issue, I think.


Hi @Thierry1,

Yes, it is affecting many courses. Were you able to get it back working with these steps?


Hi Raymond,

Yes, now I can save the notebook. It seems that it is ok. I will see after if the submission is a sucess.
Thank for the link !


The workaround works for me now, but when can we expect the actual fix for all assignments?

Hi @ai_enthusiast21,

I don’t know the timeline, and I hope too that the workaround is temporary. I am not in Cousera’s tech team, but I think it would not be a good idea for us to open any lab ahead until we are literally going to complete it, because that action can get folders and files that have the permission problem into our accounts. Once they are in our accounts, I am afraid we might need to use the workaround.

The chance is that if they are not yet in our accounts (because we have never opened them), and after Cousera has completely fixed it, then when we open the lab, we will have good files and folders. This is the only unverified tips that I can share with you for now.

Let’s hope things will become normal again soon.