Cannot start a new conversation in AI for medicine. Why?

Hi, I seem to be unable to add a new topic in AI for medicine. Anyone know what the reason is?
There seems to be a lot of problems with the assignments so I am unable to run them locally.

You must have first registered for Discourse when you were in a different specialization. The course staff will need to take action to add you to the AI for Medicine category on Discourse. I’ll add @Mubsi here and hope that he can do this. If not could you please forward it to Parth or someone who has done this move before? I forget who took care of this last time.

I should also say that I have not looked at AI for Medicine, but in the other specializations like DLS it is not a trivial matter to run the assignments locally. You need to download all the associated files (not just the notebooks) and set up the correct versions of lots of software on your system. It would not be a surprise if you had trouble getting that to work. Why do you think that will solve any problems for you?

Hi @paulinpaloalto,

Thanks for pointing this. I have moved the post in the appropriate place.


Hi @Aart_Spilt,

As Paul mentioned, we are more than happy to support our learners on Coursera as that’s our primary focus. Supporting learners to run things on their local machines is something that is outside the scope of our and our mentors support.