Can't compile the student's code - Course1_Week4

My code works, but the grader does not accept it.
Have I tried“?forceRefresh=true”, delete and re-add the cell, edited the notebook many times. I have tried this, but this didn’t help.

  1. P​ress Kernel → Restart & Clear Output
  2. P​ress File → Save and Checkpoint

I constantly encounter either an invalid syntax error or an unexpected indent. I do not know what to do with it. Help me, please.
I’ve already read all the topics here and on Coursera, but so far nothing has helped.

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Hi @111175 ,

Would you please share your error messages? I understand you’re having some issues, but cannot help that much unless I take a look to what you’re experiencing.

I guess you have done this, but is the code working in colab space?


Here is my error

Yes, code working in colab space and in my local space

This is weird…

Not sure how to check your issue - we cannot share code in this environment. :frowning:

Sure you have done it, but have you checked there’s no hidden or weird characters? Sometimes mixing spaces and tabs can cause some issues.

I deleted and re-added all the indents, deleted all the empty lines and all the comments to try to fix the error. Maybe I can send a link to my work in private messages?

Yep, I see no other option

Omg! Grader accepted my work! I did it Coursera | Online Courses & Credentials From Top Educators. Join for Free | Coursera over and over again, it took me about 20 times. I don`t know if it helped or just so coincidentally.

Thank you for your participation. Thank you very much.

Good for you!

I was getting out of ideas :wink: