Can't compile the student's code. invalid syntax (, line 19)

I am getting succesfull output in Colab. But when i submit the exercise , Grade throws this same error again and again.

Can’t compile the student’s code. invalid syntax (, line 19)

I dont know what is the line n o 19. How to go to that line. I have attached my notebook file fore reference. I am struck. couldnt complete the course. Kindly help. Thank you

C1_W4_Assignment (3).ipynb (10.0 KB)

Hi @Lakshmanaraja_Kannan,
I still dunno if this is the reason, but can you try correcting ‘acc’ with ‘accuracy’ in the metrics inside your model.compile?

Thanks for your kind reply @maurizioscibilia. I tried it as well. still same error

Can’t compile the student’s code. invalid syntax (, line 19).

Sorry for my late reply @Lakshmanaraja_Kannan,
to understand, can you use the Coursera platform instead than Colab? You still have the same problem? You changed every occurrence of ‘acc’ with ‘accuracy’?


I have exactly the same problem… everything works fine in Jupyter notebook, but it always gives the same error when I upload it to the Coursera platform

I have received the same error. In COLAB CTRL + M + L

@maurizioscibilia I took your advice and changed acc to accuracy but still get 0/1