Can't get grader to get the right MAE


I have a MAE < 2, but the grader always says my MAE is higher, so I cannot pass the assignment.

"deleted model summary’


I browsed other topics saying to adjust the tf.random.set_seed, but it isn’t working for me

Any ideas?

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Please use keras.callbacks.Callback to stop training once the grader criteria are met. If that doesn’t work, click my name and message your code as an attachment along with the grader feedback.

Don’t forget to remove your model summary from the original post.

Your notebook is outdated. Please follow instructions on refreshing the workspace.

Having the same issue. I have the callback on mae+mse requirements as well as mae<2 and mse<6.

Failed test case: Mean Absolute Error is too big.
a value less than 2,
but got:

Failed test case: Mean Squared Error is too big.
a value less than 6,
but got: