Grader Error : Grader Feedback not found

Help , I don’t know what’s wrong with my assignment. My MSE is less than 6, and my MAE is less than 2.

But, after submit the assigment, this happen.

I have Same Issue. I am getting error

  • Grader Error: Grader feedback not found

Visit the Discussion forum to see if your peers are experiencing or have found resolutions for similar errors. If the error isn’t resolved in 24 hours, please reach out to Coursera through our Help Center.

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Hi @Kamarudin_Anhar and @Sameer_Katija!

Could you please send me your notebooks and your my_model.h5 files via a DM?

You can find these files by clicking in the jupyter logo in the upper left corner of the screen, which will take you to the jupyter filesystem and there you can download the files.


@a-zarta I have shared my file with you via DM.

Hi @Sameer_Katija, in your case the issue was the last Lambda layer in your model. There is a note mentioning that no Lambda layers should be used since they are not required and they are incompatible with the hd5 format.

By removing it you get full score :slight_smile:


@a-zarta Thank you for helping me out. Sure I will remove it and will check again. Thanks

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Thanks sir, @a-zarta my issue is solved.

Thank you! That fixed my issue.

I am sorry for asking this again, I still having the problem. There is not lambda function in the function create_uncompiled_model and the metrics has been reached…

could you please help me ?
thank you

topic is solved ! - please ignore previous message. thank you

I am unable to get MAE<2. Will someone tell how the model architecture or which optimizer will help me to achieve it?