Error: Grader Feedback not found

On course 4 Week 2 and 3 I’ve experienced following error:

I’ve tried to reboot the server, update the notebook (by deleting the used notebook and regenerating it through the button from Lab Help “Get latest version”) and running the same code locally, which worked just fine

Many discussions on this forum point to a lambda layer in the model, which would mess with the HDF5, but since I didn’t use any lambda layers in my model, it didn’t help me much.

Do you have any ideas on how I could solve this?

Posting code in a public topic is discouraged and can get your account suspended. It’s okay to share stacktrace on a public post and send code to a mentor via direct message. Please clean up the post. Here’s the community user guide to get started.

I’m able to get full score by submitting the assets generated by your notebooks. The staff have been notified about this for further investigation.

Do get in touch with coursera help center while you wait for the staff to reply.

Yes seems reasonable, sorry for the violation.

I’ve already contacted the coursera help center, but they could only tell me to look in the community forum for answers. In that case I’ll wait for the staff to reply :+1:

Thanks for cleaning your post. Please ping this topic if you don’t get a reply within the next 48 hours so that I can bump the priority on this one.

Have a good one.

Hi Reinhard! Sorry for the trouble with the lab. Can you message me your Lab ID? You can click the Help button on the upper right of your lab and find the Lab ID at the bottom of that side panel. Will investigate this issue. Thank you!

I was able to solve this issue by changing my environment completely (different pc and browser). I had the problem, that I couldn’t run the code on the lab. By using my own pc instead the one from work and opening the lab via IE, I was able to run the code again, which in turn solved the issue at hand.

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