Cant listen to Jazz Audio file

Hi ! I know this sounds pretty strange, but for some reason, I can not run cell 2 of the assignment (3 - compose Jazz using LSTM).
I’ve checked everything - all audio works perfectly fine (youtube, zoom, etc). from a browser or not.
Running this cells yields no error.
I’ve also retried rebooting the server (from the help button).

Am I missing something? Has anyone seen this?

What exactly do you mean by “you cannot run the cell”?

Later in your message, you said that “running this cell yields no error”. That conflicts with your previous statement.

Sorry for not being clearer, you are correct - my description was misleading.
I can execute the cell without problem. When I execute it, a little Asterisk appears to the left of the cell, indicating that the kernel is running it.
Afterwards, the asterisk disappears, and that’s it. I assume I should either hear an audio clip, or be presented with some widget that should let me play/pause the audio clip. No error is produced.

Please disregard, it seems that it’s working now, i see a widget and can play muysic. thanks