Can't load the Jupyter notebook

Give it a try sometime later again, a lot of reports of this nature recently.

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Have tried it and no difference. I have done these Jupyter notebooks many times with Google without any issues. Seems like what we are doing is setup which should be automated. Have gone on to 2nd week.

I have paid for this course and would like a certificate.

Hi @chris.favila would you like to have a look on this one.

Hi Stephen. Will check this and get back to you.

Hello again. Unfortunately, I could not reproduce the issue:

Can you send me your AWS Account ID so I can forward it to our engineer for checking? You can get it by clicking the upper right of the AWS Console. There should be a Copy button beside your Account ID. Thanks!

Hi Chris,
I found the issue - my bad - the first one is yours, the second mine.
aws s3 cp --recursive s3://dlai-generative-ai/labs/w1-549876/ ./
aws s3 cp --recursive s3://dlai-generative-ai/labs/wl-549876/ ./
Note the β€œl” where there should be β€œ1”.
I caught it when you showed me your example. Bad eyesight.
Also should have caught it in the Lab Generative AI Use Cases Sumerized.
But them, no response as to not finding a file???
Thanks for your time.

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Great! Glad it’s resolved!