Can't log in to the course

I am learning the Deep Learning Specialization Course1: Neural Networks and Deep Learning, but today I can’t log in to the course, even though I can do that yesterday. Any one has this problems? Please help. Thank you!

Hello @Fei_Xing
Are you still facing the same problem?
If so,

  1. Check your Subscription.
  2. Contact Coursera Help center

Hey, Fei Zing.

Besides, what Jenitta has mentioned, you can always click on the query icon displayed at the bottom right of your course material for a quick help. You can go for a chat option as well if you encounter any trouble while loading the notebook or related.

Capture_help centre

Thank you. The problem has solved, I always click the log in and try several times, that’s OK now.

Good to know that Fei Xing!