Unable to enrol in any course

When I click on Enroll Course on this page Short Courses | Learn Generative AI from DeepLearning.AI I get an empty page with just DeepLearning.AI logo and text. This is happening for all courses.
Also, earlier I was able to login with my email id. Now I cant see any options to login anywhere

Have you tried clearing your cache and cookies?

Or tried using an anonymous/private browser session?

Yes, I have tried incognitio. I have cleared cache. I have tried multiple browsers Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera

Hi @Amit_Srivastava

Are you using some kind of VPN or something?

Also, make sure that there is no extension/addons installed on your browsers

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Hi @Amit_Srivastava,

Just to add to what @elirod asked earlier, can you also provide the following details for this to be investigated:

  • The OS you are using.
  • The name of the browser you are using.
  • The version of the browser you are using.


I am not using VPN.
I am on MacOS (Sonoma)
I have tried with

  • Chrome 120.0.6099.199
  • Edge 120.0.2210.121
  • Safari 17.1.2 (19616.
  • Opera 105.0.4970.60
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Able to access the course now after few days. Not sure what changed.

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Thanks for reporting back @Amit_Srivastava