Can't submit the first programming assignment of course 2

In the “”, I can’t find where to submit the assignment.

I already validated it and it passes all the tests.

How can I submit it?

Hi Jfbotero,

Great, let’s see if I can help you get the assignment submitted. We have been having issues with the submission in the new version that just launched.

There is supposed to be a big blue button that says “Submit Assignment” in the top right corner of the notebook.

To get the button to show up, you can:

  1. Select from the menu File->Save and Checkpoint, then
  2. Kernel->Restart and Clear Output
    and agree to the dialog box you get (“Restart and Clear All Outputs”)

You should see a blue button “Submit Assignment” now in your toolbar in the top right part of the notebook. Click the Submit Assignment button.

If that does not work, please let us know.



Hi Petri.

I followed all the steps and, unfortunately, it did not work. I still can’t see the Submit Assignment button.

Juan Felipe

Juan Filipe,

Thank you for trying that. I am sorry that still didn’t work.

I will let the organizers know. This is an issue that came with the new version that launched on April 7, they are working on it.


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I have the same issue!

I too have the same issue!
I’m not able to submit the assignment
Also, the total progress has been reduced to 3%

Hi @jfbotero ,
Would you be so kind to move this thread to the Course 2 channel? At the moment it is placed in “Uncategorized”.
This issue mentioned will then be seen by other mentors and students doing the course 2:

I followed the steps and still having the same issue.

thank you,
it worked for me

I have the same problem and I tried the mentioned solution also other solutions in the Coursera help center and all of them didn’t work for me and I can’t submit my assignment.

I have faced the same

I had saved my notebook with a different file name. When I changed the name back to the original name (Python_Basics_with_Numpy), and restarted the kernel, the submit button appeared.

unfortunately, I tried it but it didn’t work for me :frowning:

this method worked for me during the 1st assignment of week 1 but it did not work for the 3rd assignment.

This method worked for me