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Hello community,
If i may have your opinions from an experience in the field,
I’m an senior undergrad computer engineering student and with a GPA 2.8,
having a quite experience in programming, math and calculus 1 to 3,
I have finished the ML specialization very easily, and hardly faced any bottlenecks, my questions are
1- what are the job titles that i should search for and apply to
2- what are the requirements
3- what to do next ? DL specialization or Math for ML and Datascience specialization or anything better ?
4- how to test my understanding after each course ?

Thanks in advance, and hope you enjoy your day

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If you completed the MLS courses, then you don’t need the Math for ML course.

I recommend the Deep Learning Specialization next.

After that you can branch out into areas that interest you, or which offer job opportunities.

The generative technologies are the hot prospect at this time.


will the DLS courses give me the requirements for the job, and if not, what are the common requirements?

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DLS will give you the fundamentals on a number of advanced techniques.

Sorry, I cannot give career advice.

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