Course after Machine Learning Specialization

After Supervised Machine Learning: Regression, Advanced Learning Algorithms and Unsupervised Learning, Recommenders, I’d like to focus on programming, what would you recommend?

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You may go for Python courses or something but I do not understand why you are focusing on programming, after completing MLS. If your goal is to become a Machine Learning Engineer, DLS is your next class, provided that you are already familiar with the basics of Python (not necessary to be expert).


By coding I mean I can understand all code in the examples and lab, but I have difficulties writing them independently myself.

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This is a matter of gaining experience. There are lots of sources online for data sets you can practice with.

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Any specific recommendations?

A couple:

  • Kaggle. They have designed problems for you to solve.
  • Search online for “uci machine learning repository”. Free data sets. Write your own solutions.

Hi @Daniel_Zhao,

You may find this batch issue useful. Andrew has talked about project work and ideas for finding projects. As you are aware of basics, you can start collaborating in projects to gain technical experience.