After completing DLS, what's next

Hello! I hope you are doing well. I’ve completed MLS and DLS.

I noticed that in these courses, ready-to-use data were provided but in real life, we need to make the data ready-to-use (data cleaning, declustering, converting image/audio/video to matrix/tensor, etc.). So, what should I do next? Taking Google Data Analytics or any other course(s)?



Hi @saifkhanengr ,

If you are interested in learning more about the data preprocessing and other tasks related with putting a model in production, I think the next logical step would be the MLOPS course.

THIS LINK will take you to the course description. It is a step-by-step course on all that is related to a Machine Learning project, from start to finish.

Check it out!



Thank you very much, sir.

In this thread another good suggestion was made which I can underline, too.

The Tensorflow Professional Certificate might be worth a look, when searching for your next course!
More info here (no promotion):

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Hi @saifkhanengr

When I completed MLS and DLS courses, I started participating in Kaggle competitions to get some hands-on experience with some real-life examples. As I believe that it is important to keep practicing and applying what you’ve learned through hands-on projects and exercises. This will help you develop a strong foundation in data pre-processing and data preparation, and enable you to tackle real-world problems with confidence.
Along with this, as mentioned in the above replies, you can take either the NLP or GANs specialization or the Tensorflow one.
I started with NLP as I saw that many companies need their candidates to have NLP skills. But at the end, it’s your choice.



Thank you Christian and Trixie for your kind suggestion.

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In my field, reservoir engineering, we mostly deal with numbers and graphs. So, I am learning data science stuff. No need to take NLP/GANs.
After MLS and DLS, I am now taking MLOPS. Then plan to take TensorFlow. Is this sound good? Or need to take something else?


Sounds like a plan!

My experience it that the most important thing is to actively practice and apply the learned skills, learn on the job or through the challenge.

Let us know how it‘s going and if you need support, @saifkhanengr.

All the best and don’t forget have fun along the learning journey and enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:



Thank you, Christian. Merry Christmas :christmas_tree: and a Happy New Year in advance.