What's next? I will finish soon

Hello everyone,

I will soon complete this specialization. Taking into account that I am an absolute beginner and that I have already finished the specializations Mathematics of Machine Learning from the Imperial College of London and Python for everybody, which would be the new course or specialization that you would recommend me to continue learning more in the field of Machine Learning?
Is there any roadmap to become a Machine Learning professional if it is possible to be self-taught, of course?

Best regards.

Hi, Juan.

Congratulations on finishing MLS and the other courses you mentioned. It sounds like you are very well prepared to take the Deep Learning Specialization next, which is the core part of the “intermediate” DLAI curriculum. Once you’ve finished DLS, then there are lots of possibilities. Here’s another thread that gives some more detailed discussion of possible “road maps” for the courses here. That link points into the middle of the thread, but it might be worth reading it from the beginning.

Enjoy your learning journey here!

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Hi @paulinpaloalto,

I guess everything points to the DLS as my best option.

Thanks for the information.