ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers

Hello World! I’m just starting the ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers course, I’m using my Mac terminal to pip install openai but I can’t import openai, it’s showing me zsh: command not found: import.
I have some questions.
Are my not supposed to use the terminal?
Are my supposed to run the command in the folder of chatgpt?


Hi @Appsorwebs !

Are you running a python script directly in the terminal? If you want to run it, you have to get into the interpreter first, executing python. Then you can import any_package

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You’ve posted in the DLAI “General Discussion” area. That’s not specific to any course.

Please post your message in the discussion area for the course you’re attending.

@Appsorwebs , do you have “pip” installed in your environment? That’d be my initial question on this.

Then, the pip is to be run in the terminal prompt. You can also run it in a Jupyer Notebook by adding an exclamation mark at the beginning, like so:

!pip install openai

Oh apologies, I was in introduction when i rushed to use the terminal and when I got to guidelines, I realised that there’s a Jupiter playground to practise.

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Thanks. I really appreciate your time.

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Thanks. Pip not found is the error message I’m getting with I run !pip install openai on Jupiter

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I had issues on my MAC M1 until I switched to using pip3 to install openai

I have the same issue which keep persisting regardless of installing pip3 and having python installed. any tips? still unable to use import command