How to install pip and import the API key properly? [Newbie question]


Is there a Python expert and developer willing to help here? I am going through the DeepLearning AI free training to learn ChatGPT for developers, and as I am not a developer, I am struggling to understand how to set it up. As an example, how to install openai via jupyter. Is there a pure soul who can dedicate me 5 min?

I am already stuck at the very first step.

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I recommend you post your message in the discussion area for the ChatGPT course.

You posted in DLAI’s “General Discussions” forum, which is not really monitored by any mentors.

I will move your post the correct forum.

You can also use the forum Search tool for the “API” text, and find some existing discussions of this topic.

If you’re not a developer, it might unnecessarily complicate completing this short course to try to create your own runtime environment. Luckily, you don’t need to. You can just execute the code right in the environment provided by the deeplearning platform. While you’re watching the video in one panel, you can actually execute the code in the other…

I find it easiest to install Anaconda (the free install). It sets everything up for you.