Practicing ChatGPT Prompt Engineering with OpenAI API

“I completed the ‘ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers’ course at Deeplearning.AI and now want to practice prompting outside the classroom. Can you guide me on setting up and using the OpenAI API for practicing prompt engineering beyond the course?”

For anyone wondering about this, you can first get jupyter notebook by installling Anaconda-Navigator. When you run Anaconda-Navigator you can launch Jupyter notebook. Using the New button, you can next select a Python 3 notebook. When this opens, you have to pip install openai, as shown in the guidelines lecture . Then you can get an API key from openai by signing up here and use this instead of the key used in the course. So you can assign this to openai.api_key as explained in the guidelines lecture. Next you can copy code from the lectures and experiment as much as you want.