Cheaters or Winners?

Hey Everyone!

In today´s issue of the The Batch you can find how gamers looking to cheat in first-person shooters can’t miss with AI-assisted marksmanship.

What’s new: A video-game hack uses computer vision to blast virtual enemies at superhuman speed, Ars Technica reported. A system that implemented the technique was shut down last week.

Why it matters: Electronic gaming is a lucrative industry — and so is the market for products that make it easier to win. Unscrupulous players may have taken millions of dollars in competition money.

We’re thinking: Like fighting spam and fraud, thwarting aimbots is a game of cat and mouse. The next generation of such bots may behave more like humans — making an average player appear to be highly skilled — and thus be even harder to detect. Who’s up for a round of rock, paper, scissors?

Would you cheat, or would you tell? :video_game: :pirate_flag:

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