Stopping Guns at the Gate

A Major League Baseball stadium will be using computer vision to detect weapons as fans enter.


What’s new: A system called Hexwave will look for firearms, knives, and explosives carried by baseball fans who visit Camden Yards, home field of the Baltimore Orioles, The Baltimore Sun reported. The system will be tested during certain games in the coming baseball season.

Why it matters: Traditional security checkpoints can be slow, intrusive, and ineffective. AI stands to make them not only more effective but also much more efficient.

We’re thinking: Neither Liberty Defense Holdings nor MIT Lincoln Lab provides independent validation of the system’s performance. In an era when the AI community is grappling with the technology’s potential for harm, it’s incumbent on companies that offer systems that evaluate individual behavior to demonstrate their products’ accuracy and fairness before putting them into widespread use.

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I agree with your thinking, thorough scrutiny of every system that has human contact has to done before deployment. One other concern of mine is what kind of scanning rays are they using, some of those rays are harmful!

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