Chest X-Ray Medical Diagnosis Assignment 1

Sorry, I am a bit unclear about the relationship between check_for_leakage_test and check_for_leakage?

Do we need to insert a new cell for check_for_leakage_test to compute the expected output for Test Cases 1 and 2?

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Please ignore; once I completed the check_for_leakage function the test line computed automatically


Please ignore; once I completed the check_for_leakage function the test line computed automatically, thank you

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Thank you for letting us know, @Mohammed_Othman !

I am receiving this error, even though my code is correct and my notebook runs seemlessly on assignment 1:

Cell #13. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: AssertionError(‘Not all tests were passed for compute_class_freqs. Check your equations and avoid using global variables inside the function.’,)

Hi @Marshall_Schmidt,

This screenshot is taken from your notebook. Your Ex 2 is not complete. This fails in the notebook, and hence, fails in the autograder as well.

Kindly fill this and rest of the assignment before submitting.


Also, to point out, the autograder is not designed to test 1 exercise at a time. If any exercises is not attempted and the assignment is submitted, it will give you an error and 0 grade. So make sure every required exercise is attempted before submission.

If you are passing the unit tests for the exercise, it is very likely that you will pass the grader as well.

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Hi…Any one help me where we can find Pretrained_model.hdf5 file in week1 assignment1

Hi @Sravani_Nalluri,

When your assignment opens, click on File --> Open.... This should open your workspace, where you can see all the relevant files for the assignment. You can download the files using the options given on the top right (I have forgotten what they are called)


Thank you @Mubsi …I got that file. Thank you for your help.

Cell #4. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: FileNotFoundError(2, ‘File C:\Users\Advaith Jasti\Downloads\archive (1)\train-small.csv does not exist’)

while submitting Assignment i am getting this error, Though my code is correct .

I saved all the file in my local machine and i executed code in my Jupiter note book. later i uploaded that file in to coursera .

Hi @Sravani_Nalluri,

Well, clearly you changed the file paths. How can you expect the grader to locate your own personal file path ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Two points to be made here:

  • Please change back all the file paths to the original. If you don’t remember, please get the latest assignment version by following the instructions provided in the reading time, first week before the first assignment.
  • I’d advise not to use this strategy; working locally, then uploading and submitting. As you can see, it is prone to errors. Please work on Coursera. Once you submit and get the desired grade, feel free to download and use them later.


I need help; I can download all the datasets and notebooks to my local machine and work on them successfully. However, I’m encountering difficulties when trying to proceed in the Coursera environment.

  1. I’m unable to open the exact files provided by Coursera, but I can open my own files that I’ve updated in the Coursera environment.
  2. When I attempt to run cells that contain file paths provided by Coursera, I receive an error message stating that the path does not exist.

Could you please help me resolve these issues?

Hi @Sravani_Nalluri,

Please get yourself a fresh copy of the assignment and work on it again.

I want to access the fresh file that was provided by the instructors earlier. I have tried all possible ways to use the path provided by Coursera. I attempted to update the lab to the latest version, but I am still encountering the same issue where the file executed on my machine is being displayed. The error message continues to indicate a path error. I have completed the remaining two weeks, and everything went smoothly(those are completed in coursera environment). However, I am still pending the first-week assignment, as I have completed everything on my local machine. On that note, please assist me in resolving this issue so that I can complete my course

this is the folder path

Hi @Mubsi …This is My Lab Id :jjcjwjhdmgxl
kindly look in to my lab environment to access fresh file.

Thank you
Sravani N

Hi @Sravani_Nalluri,

I checked your workspace, and here’s what the problem was:

Every workspace has a predefined notebook name which will be submitted to the autograder.

Something you overlooked when you clicked the “submit” button

My guess is, you were working in one of the other renamed assignment files, and thinking that when you pressed submit, that particular file was going for grading. That’s not how it works. As you can understand now, each time you pressed the submit button, C1_W1_Assignment.ipynb was being submitted, which had your own personal file paths.

Now, I have deleted all extra notebook files from your workspace. You have two files now in your workspace:

  • C1_W1_Assignment.ipynb: This file works and passed the grader, as it now includes the Coursera file paths.

  • previous_version_C1_W1_Assignment.ipynb: This is the file with your personal file paths.

The take away from this is, be mindful of changing notebook names, and being aware in which notebook you are working and what is being submitted.


Thank you @ Mubsi for resolving this issue. Now I am able to submit the correct file.

Thank you for your time and support.


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