Classification of Political Systems using Machine Learning

I have been taking the course on Supervised machine learning and so far (correct me if I am wrong) that classification and prediction algorithms work on things that can be quantified (assigned numerical values of some sorts). Currently, there’s a topic I intend to delve into which explores “classification of political systems using Machine Learning” but l haven’t seen any material with any direct relationship to work of this sort. Is it “impossible” for such a work given there’s really no parameters to use to “quantify” political systems? I would be glad to get any insights or tips

What sort of data set do you plan on using to train this classifier?

I have barely been able to find anything meaningful on it even texts that approach it from a theoretical point of view. The only thing I have on it so far is this link - Database of Political Institutions. It’s quite large and I haven’t gone over the metadata completely. But I am already beginning to doubt it’s significance to the research.

classifying political systems based on what criteria? is it country based, institution based, corporate based, democracy based, commercial based?


Hello iorji,

Any new idea, topic or research, will always come with doubts, fear, unconscious ability to go ahead. that is the first step to keep digging more farther and deeper. One of the instructor of AI for Good specialisation, explains a whole project done with a failed result. at the end, he mentioned the criteria is know to keep learning and growing even if you encounter setback, failures.

Based on your link provided, it already provides quantifying pointers like

  1. tenure and stability of the government
  2. identification of party affiliation and ideology
  3. fragmentation of opposition and government parties in the legislature
  4. Development policies
  5. Women Empowerment
  6. Education and employment. etc

you can quantify based on how over a period of time which government did better in applying their political belief in the system and which government succeeded. again the idea can be more wider. You need to decide which part of political system you want to focus on.


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Thanks, I appreciate your words of encouragement and I would explore further into it.