Open forum for university project with ML

University Project Forum on Machine Learning for Business Analytics

:rocket: Introduction:
Greetings, fellow enthusiasts! I’m opening this forum about a project that combines Machine Learning (ML) with practical Business Analytics. This project aims to explore innovative solutions, and I invite you to join in shaping its trajectory.

:handshake: Call for Collaboration:
I would like to extend an open invitation to all students, researchers, and ML enthusiasts to collaborate and contribute their ideas to this initiative. Whether you’re a seasoned ML practitioner or a newcomer eager to learn, your insights are invaluable.

:globe_with_meridians: Project Overview:
The focus is on implementing ML techniques to enhance Business Analytics. I’m on the lookout for ideas that strike a balance between being impactful and manageable within a reasonable timeframe. Creativity and problem-solving skills are the key ingredients to make this project a success.

:clock3: Time Commitment:
Due to the demands of university life, I’m aiming for a project that’s both rewarding and manageable. The goal is to create something substantial without overwhelming anyone. Your time investment should be a positive and enriching experience.

:pushpin: How to Contribute:
Feel free to share your project ideas, no matter how big or small. I encourage open discussions and the exchange of thoughts. As progress unfolds, regular updates will be posted, keeping everyone in the loop.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Stay Updated:
Keep an eye on this space for project updates, milestones, and announcements. I’m excited about the collaborative journey ahead and can’t wait to see the collective impact of our efforts.

@3than That a very good initiative that will help many folks. May I know if the university will be using their own datasets or ? Thanks

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Hi @chuaal , I do not have the database just yet. Since this investigation just started I had to address some other topics for the project.

I will, however post it as soon as I have it.

Stay tunned.

Do you have a specific project in mind, or are you trying to form a team to get ideas for what project to attempt?

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Yes, @TMosh actually the group is already conformed by some students, and myself. I made this forum as a public dynamic so others can share their thoughts and if wanted, to collaborate.

I will answer both questions with more clarity in the next update.

Project Update 1:


This project entails an exploration within the finance sector. The group, in collaboration with its partners, seeks to implement Business Intelligence techniques, focusing on non-critical financial information. Furthermore, we will harness Machine Learning techniques to produce predictive results that will greatly enhance informed business decision-making. The primary focus will be on sentiment analysis derived from user feedback.

What’s pending right now:

  • The company, where we intend to implement these solutions, is currently pending feedback and approvals in these matters.

What to expect in the next days:

As the current leader of this project, I am thrilled to collaborate with individuals who share a passion for one of the key principles I’ve learned at DeepLearning.AI, which is to “Make a positive impact in the world.”

I am eager to see more people express interest in this idea, and from now on, I extend a warm welcome to everyone to get involved.

I will continue to provide updates on the progress of this project and am enthusiastic about interacting with the entire community.

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Project Update 2:


Our recent collaboration efforts with several companies have unfortunately not panned out as expected. Consequently, the team has pivoted to utilizing a publicly available dataset from Kaggle. This dataset encompasses a wealth of information from the Google Play Store, including user reviews, ratings, names of games, and details about the game developers.


The primary goal moving forward is to harness the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to generate insightful graphs. These visualizations will be integral to our final Business Intelligence (BI) solution.

Progress Summary

So far, the project has made decisive choices regarding:

  • Data Set Selection: Utilization of the Kaggle Google Play Store dataset.
  • Technology Stack:
    • Programming Language: Python
    • Machine Learning Library: Scikit-learn
    • Natural Language Library: Natural Languale Toolkit (NLTK)

What’s Next

In the coming days, we anticipate:

  • Project Advancements: Further development and enhancements, including updates to our GitHub repository for more transparent progress tracking.
  • Technology Finalization: Awaiting the Data Team’s decision on an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) software to streamline our data processing workflow.

Invitation for Collaboration

We encourage everyone to share their insights, questions, or suggestions on this forum. Your input is invaluable as we navigate through the complexities of this project together.