ML project suggestions!

Hello everyone,
I am a 3rd year software engineering undergrad and I wish to make a project in ML or AI but can’t find any relevant topics or problems for it.

Can anyone please suggest me some ML project ideas that are easy to moderate for implementation and can be done in 2-3 months ?

Awaiting your reply,
thank you!

Hello @Nervegear - Welcome to the community?

Have you you tried to search in this forum? This is common problem raised by many people :wink:

For instance here:

Hey, @Lukasz_Bieganski thanks for the reply !

I have searched throughout this forum but can’t seem to find any relevant project ideas, also I want a concrete ML project topic which can be done in 2-3 months.
Still I will look in Kaggle for potential problem statements as you have mentioned. Please do suggest some ML project ideas that you know so far!

Thank you!

Maybe it would be good to take some of the DeepLearining courses as an inspiration?
For instance:

Just as an inspiration. Andrew Ng is sharing there some real examples of projects where AI and ML can be used.

If you are looking for something already defined I guess these two addresses can be helpful:

Thank you very much @Lukasz_Bieganski for the links of projects, I found 3-4 of them interesting!!

Will scrutinize and finalize the project topic very soon !

Again thanks for the help !

Happy to help and I will keep my fingers crossed!

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I browed Data Comp projects list, the projects are seem very interesting
I have took DLs course and nothing else are these projects are stable for me o I have to take ML courses

Hello @Mubarak_Ibrahim - Hard to say but I guess best way to figure it out would be to try :wink: Please let us know about the result of your investigations.

Thanks, I will.