Find innovate ideas using AI

Hi dear.
I’m a software developer in Japan. Why I am taking this course if that, from many years ago, I always wonders what I can develop for AI through my current career field.
Now I can spare my time to take this course.
I want to find something innovative from this course to next courses.
If you have any idea, please suggest me what it is and discuss about yours.

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@gyusub_kim Welcome to the community.

You could look into the Machine Learning Specialization to get ideas about projects and how you’d actually solve them using the various approaches in that course.

If you are interested in the field of medicine, you could look into the AI for Medicine Specialization

You can also checkout the competitions on Kaggle for interesting problems.

Finally, you can follow The Batch from DeepLearning.AI to keep updated about the latest in AI and also for any interesting ideas to pursue.


Let’c connect on LinkedIn and we can discuss more. My LinkedIn is here.