Using AI in medicine

Hi dear.
I’m medical doctor in Iran and for a few months I interested in AI.
I’m studying Python for 4 months and simultaneously studying AI.
I want to find a PhD position in AI in medicine to alter the medicine field with my knowledge.


Hello @Drmahmoodi,

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The folks in the Careers category can help you better. Also, take a look at the AI for Medicine Specialization. Wish you the best!


Hello @Drmahmoodi ,

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Like @vignesh18 said, you should definitely take a look at the AI for Medicine Specialization course. But if you’re looking for a simpler course to get started, I’ll say you should check out the Machine Learning Specialization course first.

Best of luck on your journey!

Thank you so much.
I have passed several courses in learning Python, AI and data mining via Coursera and Alison. And still studying.
I will take that course too after finishing my previous specializations.
My question is, after finishing these courses, how can I take part in a project about AI, Data science and so on? Is there any team that I can join?
I want to have an article or experience in these fascinating field, and I wish I can get a PhD position on future.

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Thanks for your post
I think that above courses as my fellow mentors @deltannboi and @vignesh18 have mentioned will help you a lot in building a very strong foundation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Moreover the answer to your question is yes !, Yes you can join ongoing ML projects worldwide. They might be open source or you can also apply to be a part of them. Moreover with the knowledge you will gain through these courses, you would have a much higher chance of getting recruited for PhD positions as well for working in corporate industry. Since ML and AI are growing at a very good pace and there is still a lot to discover in these fields, you would get a lot of research opportunities as well. For getting into these positions would require you to apply for the same as you find any opening in the respective institutions/organisations. Wish you all the best !
Happy Learning !



Thank you all so much dear friends.
How can I take part in these open projects?

Hello @Drmahmoodi,

I hope you’re doing well.

I don’t have any experience contributing to open-source projects but you can search online for projects and repositories on GitHub that you could possibly contribute to. You should also watch tutorials or read articles like this on how to go about contributing to open-source projects.

I would also advise that since you are done with courses you could also try working on your own projects as well. Just get a nice interesting topic and see what you can come up with in order to practice the things you’ve learnt.

However, I will escalate your question so someone more experienced in the field can take a look.

Thank you and once again welcome to the community!

@Drmahmoodi Please check Kaggle, they have some impactful challenges in the field of medicine. Each competition provides you with data and a discussion forum where you could engage and collaborate with others working on the same.

wish you luck

Thanks dear.
I wish these courses help me in my way

Thanks its eye opening course on AI matter whihc iam unfamiliar with

Hi @Drmahmoodi,
Welcome to the community!

For more information about open projects as all mentors said you could check GitHub.

And my suggestion for you is that you can contact Professors at some universities in your city and ask them if they have an open project or not.

I hope this helps you.