CNN Course Week 2 Assignment Submission Issue

Hey guys, I think there is some error in the submission process. I am getting all test passed inside the jupyter notebook but still getting 0/100 in grades.

Hey, we are having an issue at the backend because of which some of the assignment submissions are failing in C4. We apologise for the inconvenience. We are fixing it. It will take a while. I’ll keep you updated.

Please frequently check this post regarding the update: Course 4 Assignment Submission Issues

still getting 0/100 please resolve it, and the link you gave does not exist or private.

There are lots of reasons why your code might not pass the grader.

This thread is seven months old, and the issue from May 2021 has been resolved.

This thread is not the place to discuss new issues. Please start a new thread and provide more details about your situation.