W4A2 assignment not submitting


When I submit my assignment, I get the “Submission Successful” message and them “Grading in progress”. After some time the submission disappears altogether, showing me my previous submission. I did a submission yesterday while not finished with the assignment to test if I would get a lower grade (first time doing this since learning the specialization), I had a compiler error and got 0 - I don’t think this should matter, but maybe worth mentioning.
All my tests pass.
I tried to rebooting the Lab server with no luck.
Any ideas what I should try?

Hello @Andrei_Cioboata
This problem is from Coursera side and all learners across various courses are facing the same problem. We have reported this to Coursera. Kindly wait till it get resolved.

Hi all,

Learners are now mentioning that they are able to get graded. Try resubmitting again and let me know what happens.


Yeah, the submission went through.