W4_A2_Submission Error

Hi everyone,

I am trying to submit Assignment #2, and even though the Grader starts the process of scoring it, after a couple of minutes my submission vanishes from the tab and I never get the completion of the task.

I noticied the note regarding the confusion from the AutoGrader when submitting Assignment 2. Still, I was just wondering if my task will be left there forever unfinished before I move to course 2.


There is a problem on the grading servers right now that a lot of people are seeing. I’ve reported it. We have to hope this will get fixed at some point soon, but we don’t yet have any response on that.

Here’s another thread that a lot of people have added to with reports of this …

Mubsi has talked to Coursera about this. They are “on it”. Apparently it affects all the DLAI courses, not just DLS. Also GANs and NLP and …

Hope they’ll be able to correct it soon!

I was able to submit the assignment a few minutes ago. Thank you!

That’s great news! So they must have figured it out. Probably just rebooted the grading servers …

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Yes, I just tried a couple of submits and we’re back to normal now. Whew! Thanks to Mubsi for getting Coursera to notice and fix the problem.