Collaborative Filtering Quiz [SOLVED]


So a little confused with the table in the first quiz as it explicitly states “Assume numbering starts at 1 for this quiz, so the rating for Football Forever by Elissa is at (1,1)”.

The next question then asks what r(2,2) is, but in my table the data in that cell is “?”, this however returns an incorrect answer.

I realize this should just be as simple as reading a table but the answer is either “?” or the question can’t be “What is the value of r(2,2).”

Am I missing something here?

Any help is appreciated.


Edit: Silly error on my part, it seemed like I should be reading from the table when of course the solution to r(i, j) is binary dependent on whether a user has rated the movie or not.


I had the same “issue”. Thanks for the update, man!